The UK Government have announced the closure of the Thames Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre 


The fight to saveThames Coastguard rescue coordination centre is not over. We are urgently seeking volunteers who would be interested in becoming a local liaison officer or supporters to campaign as an extension of the National Coastguard SOS Campaign in the Thames area. If you are interested in learning more please email your contact details and information to Dennis O’Connor


If Thames Coastguard is closed what will it mean to you?


  • Lives will be put in danger due to the extra time it will take to respond.


  • There will be no support for the single operator working at London Coastguard


  • When you call the Coastguard, you could be speaking to someone in Scotland or Southampton.
  • Incidents may be coordinated from Scotland or Southampton.
  • Geographical local knowledge of current staff lost. Place names that are duplicated and alternative local names will be confused leading to time delays in SAR reaction.


  1. Thankfully I have never had to call on the coastguard service. I have been a diver for over 20 years and the one reassuring thing when you are miles from land in an emergency situation is the thought that help is only as far away as ch16. To close Thames coastguard will result in major loss of life at some point. The area covered is a major maritime highway. I fully support any campaign.

    Have you guys launched aNO 10 E-petition yet?

  2. I fully support this campaign and was delighted to add my signature to the epetition especially that I live very close to the River Thames and this is a station under threat. £11 Billion for the Olympic’s and yet no legacy for this VITAL service that SAVE’S LIVE’S.

  3. MCA Re-investigate the unfair dissmisal of a CRO @ Southend Coastguard Rescue Station in Thames Sector. 5 Team members walk out in support for unfair termination of his membership….. Southend CRT was a 10+1 Team now currently 4 and the MCA wont follow there own policy documented in the CG16 on problem solving.
    Surely the MCA would want to keep a full complimented team !

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