The petition to stop the closure of UK Coastguard rescue coordination centres has now closed – Thank you to everyone who supported it.

If you would like to sign the petition against closure of the Coastguard helicopter base at Portland please follow this link


A few quotes from people who have signed the national Coastguard SOS petition to save our stations:


Dennis O’Connor: LOCAL KNOWLEDGE SAVES LIVES. I strongly reject the proposals to close ANY of the UK’s Coastguard stations on the basis that lives will be put at risk if station closure plans are allowed to proceed.

Lou Pooley: Stations Cannot be closed there is too much risk to life!!

Andy Kuruc: We need these stations and we need them ALL 24 hour!

Mike Hillen: No coastguard should be closed, this is about lives and not money

Andrew Cotterill: Local knowledge saves lives. closing any coastguard station costs lives
Caroline Kinsella: Please rethink the closure of Weymouth and Portland Coastguard. These waters are dangerous we have rip tides. The Race off of Portland Bill. Divers from Poole to Lyme Regis.Landslides in Charmouth and also windsurfers and holiday makers. Local fisherman and hobby sailors. Cliff walkers and quick sand.The Chesil Beach and the Fleet. The public needs our local Coastguard with local knowledge to keep them safe. We used to have an auxiliary Coastguard at West Bay that was closed many years ago. There was a watch house on the East Beach. Local knowledge of our coastline is what is needed to save lives not centralisation.Our Coastguard are out every day in all weathers saving lives, With the school holidays about to begin and lots of holiday makers without local knowledge their workload is going to increase. Please rethink this decision. to close Portland. It is interesting to note that the closure is not scheduled to take place until after the Olympic sailing.Local knowledge saves lives.

Lynne Gray: Save lives, save the Coastguard Stations!
Melissa Sterry: I am simply speechless that the Government could even be considering such actions, if we save the HM Coastguard stations we will be saving lives. Simple.
Patrick James Ward: The Clyde & Forth stations cover dangerous areas where local knowledge may be required and may be the difference between life & death!
Derek Rice: As an ex Merchant Navy Officer I find it astounding that these cuts are being considered by people who have no experience of their worth Lives will be put at risk I hope you sleep soundly in the knowledge of what you propose

Adrian Landers: Best of luck gang. From youghal coastguard in South East Ireland
Ian Wilson: Cutting the specialist rescue coordination and emergency management service at the very time according to the minsiters own speech “the seas and coastline around brittain have never been as busy is complete nonsence. those the that dont learn from history are destine to repeat it. just look at the history of maritime disasters
Mr and Mrs Peter Burford: Words are inadequate to express the job done by the coastguard service. To even consider the smallest cuts is unthinkable. These heroes deserve more support, not less.
Paul G Jones: As a sea user I am concerned at the proposals put forward as part of this consultation. The Coastguards perform a vital role and so need to remain in place throughout the UK coastline.

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  1. Maritime safety should never be compromised by a maritime nation

  2. This can’t happen. It’s ludicrous! I will help spread the word.

  3. This is outrageous, and cannot be allowed to happen. Putting more lives at risk!

  4. Patricia Shave

    Unbelievable proposal, so many lives are saved every year by our brave coastguards and closing any of the stations down will cost lives…….

  5. laura jade firks

    i cant believe anyone would want to shut down any stations? this is peoples lives at risk..! please dont shut it down!!! x


  7. Susanna Taylor

    Save our COASTGUARD STATION – anyone might need it’s help one day.

  8. Allister Cooke

    Essential service. Happy to support.

  9. Jonathan Davies

    This is a vital service. It would be madness to cut it.

  10. It’s clear that this Government doesn’t CARE about people’s lives.

  11. James Lewis-Bale

    Being an Island nation, it is unbelievable that the UK Government would look to make cuts into the agency that covers the safety and security of those who use our waters for trade and pleasure. I myself am a member of the RNLI and a probationery lifeboat crew member. When im out on the boat i feel reassured and relieved that the local station at Falmouth is there with their local knowledge and their expertise to help me whilst im training and so to close other stations that offer this knowledge and this reassuarnce to crews of all boats then im sure they would make a big mistake by closing.

  12. everyday person, life before money, uk government, money before life,

  13. Being surrounded by water it is essential we keep our coastguards.

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