Ways to help to save HM Coastguard

You can help get involved with the campaign in different ways for example:

Adopt a Coastguard station and message your friends and followers on twitter, facebook or email asking them to support the Coastguard SOS campaign to save them.

It’s simple:

  1. Choose any number of stations that you want to adopt
  2. Work out what you want to say ie: Save Brixham Coastguard station from closure.
  3. Add the link to the Coastguard SOS website: http://www.coastguardsos.com
  4. Your message should look something like this:

Save Brixham Coastguard station from closure http://www.coastguardsos.com


Post / Send your message via social media or email

By doing this several times a day / week you will be helping to keep the Coastguard SOS campaign in the public eye and it will keep the pressure on the Secretary of State for Transport to scrap dangerous plans to close our Coastguard rescue centres.

Local campaign groups

If you are involved in a local Coastguard campaign group then let us know what your group is doing.


Click on a link to update your twitter status:
I am proud to support HM Coastguard
I say NO to HM Coastguard station closures 
I support the Coastguard campaign
Local knowledge saves lives
Keep our Coastguard stations open
Save our stations – Save lives

 Or “Like” us on facebook:


Add an SOS twibbon to your twitter or facebook profile



Write or email the Prime Minister or your elected MP using our example letter. Their contact details can be found at http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mps/

Dear Prime Minister

It is my belief that plans to close Coastguard Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres would endanger the lives of coastal users and will leave the United Kingdom devoid of a seriously effective and resilient emergency service.

I understand the need for tough decisions to be made by HM Government during times of austerity but ask that you personally consider the impact that such cuts will have on the loss of vital local knowledge and the safety and well-being of our citizens and overseas visitors.

I welcome the decision by Ministers to reconsider the original proposals which were put out for consultation, but share the view of many campaign groups and Coastguard officers that the actions of certain individuals within the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Department for Transport have seriously undermined public confidence in their ability to make informed decisions relating to the first class service that HM Coastguard provides.  To propose that important strategically positioned Coastguard centre’s are closed is, in my opinion just not credible.

Campaign Groups have acknowledged the necessity to modernise the Coastguard service in the UK but this should not be done by significantly reducing the number of coastguard stations that carry out essential rescue co-ordination.

In proposing centre closures I believe that Ministers have failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety of coastal users by not engaging serving Coastguard officers in the initial design of the proposals and I do not believe that the information presented in either of the consultations was balanced and I have concerns about the way in which both of the consultations were handled.

I ask you as Prime Minister to ensure that your Ministers, together with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, do not proceed with dangerous proposals to close UK Coastguard stations and ensure that any modernisation proposals have been fully risk assessed, are safe and resilient for coastal communities.

Yours Sincerely


Transport Committee invites written evidence on changes to Coastguard Service

19 July 2012

Call for evidence.

 • Transport Committee
• Previous inquiry into changes to the Coastguard service

In 2011 the Transport Committee inquired into the Coastguard, Emergency Towing Vessels and the Maritime Incident Response Group.  The Transport Committee intends to follow up this work by taking further evidence on the issues raised during this inquiry.

The Transport Committee invites written evidence on how the Government’s changes to the Coastguard service are being implemented.  The Committee would like to hear about the possible impact on service delivery arising from these changes.  The Committee would also like to follow up its recommendations regarding Emergency Towing Vessels and the Maritime Incident Response Group.

Please send a memorandum outlining which you feel are the most important issues faced by these services by 14 September 2012.

Notes on the submission of written evidence

It assists the Committee if those submitting written evidence adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Written submissions should be as short as is consistent with conveying the relevant information. As a rough guide, it is usually helpful if they can be confined to six pages or less. Paragraphs should be numbered for ease of reference. A summary of the main points at the start of the submission is sometimes helpful.
  2. Evidence should be submitted by e-mail to transev@parliament.ukin Word or Rich Text format, with as little use of colour and images as possible. If you wish to submit written evidence to the Committee in another format you must contact a member of staff to discuss this. The body of the e-mail should include a contact name, telephone number and postal address. It should be absolutely clear who the submission is from, particularly whether it is on behalf of an organisation or in the name of an individual.
  3. Once accepted by the Committee, written evidence becomes the Committee’s property and it may decide to publish it or make other public use of it. If the Committee decides to accept your contribution as evidence we will email you formally accepting it as such. You may publicise or publish your submission yourself, once you receive the formal acceptance of your evidence to the Committee. When doing so, please indicate that it has been submitted to the Committee.
  4.  The Committee will usually publish the majority of written evidence that is received, but some submissions will be placed in the Parliamentary Archives for public inspection rather than being printed or published online. If you do not wish your submission to be made public, you must clearly say so, and should contact a member of staff to discuss this. Though the Committee is happy to receive copies of published material or correspondence sent to other parties, formal submissions of evidence should be original work produced for the Committee and not published elsewhere.
  5. Committee staff are happy to give more detailed guidance on giving evidence to a select committee, or further advice on any aspect of the Committee’s work, by phone or e-mail.

To encourage responses the Coastguard SOS campaign have designed the following response template which if you want to respond to the TSC you may wish to consider using:



Contact us at info@coastguardsos.com
or via twitter or facebook @Coastguard_SOS


  1. Received a reply today from Stephen Twigg MP. I’d written to ask him why he hadn’t signed the petition and he denies having been contacted by the petition organisers. He did, however, say that he didn’t support the closure of those stations identified.

  2. I contacted our MP for Charmouth, Oliver Letwin, who replied saying, as a member of the cabinet, he could not go against the decision of the Secretary for Transport to close Portland Coastguard Helicopter. This does not impress me or the 4,000 people on Charmouth seafront who have signed the petition to save Portland Coastguard Helicopter.

    • Elizabeth Beveridge

      Does this mean that every member of the Cabinet can propose any policy at all and everyone else refuses to object no matter what their Constituency needs? Sounds really cosy?

  3. I have sent an email to my local MP Norman Baker MP (Transport Minister) for Lewes constituency, asking him to speak out against the Coastguard station cuts, in line with his LibDem colleague, the MP for Eastbourne.
    Thanks to the Coastguard SOS website for highlighting the differences & notable inaction of specific MPs. Well done!

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