Some of the Coastguard campaigners

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The Coastguard SOS campaign is also pleased to receive support from an increasing number of authors, celebrities, musicians, sports personalities and politicians

Actress: Fransoise Pascal

Actor: Robert Daws

Author: Shane & Actor husband Timothy Spall

British Adventurer & Yachtswoman: Rosie Swale Pope

TV Personality: Jeremy Spake

Comedian: Bobby Ball

Actress: Susan Penhaligon

Former rugby International: Rupert Moon

Singer: Mary Hopkin

Actor: Graham Cole

Author: Mike Pannett

TV Presenter: Sarah Jane Honeywell

Peter Skinner: Member European Parliament for the South East Region 

Saxophonist: Dan Forshaw 

Guitarist: Nik Wilson

Richard Howitt: Labour Member of the European Parliament for the East of England

Comedian: Michael Barrymore

Author: Gillian Mawson

TV presenter & Rear of the year: Carol Vorderman

BBC Click Technology Goddess: Kate Russell 

Author / Artist: Penny Ewles-Bergeron

Author: Emily Barr

Author: Stella Stafford

GB 3 day event rider: Lottie Prentice

Stuart McMillan: Member of the Scottish Parliament for West Scotland Region

Former Welsh rugby International: Justin Thomas

Author: Margot McCuaig

Broadcaster: Kevin Johns

Author / Lecturer: Helen Carey 

TV Personality: Craig Phillips

Nigel Farage: Leader of UKIP and MEP for the South East

Olympian: Sharron Davies MBE

World Champion sail racer: Ian Williams

Author: Richard Pierce

Arctic explorer: Mark Hibbert

Author: Evelyn Winters

Actor: Philip Goldacre

Reality TV star:  Jimmy Buchan (Skipper of “AmityII”) on hit TV series “Trawlermen”

Reality TV star: Chaz Bruce (Skipper of “Challenger”) on hit TV series “Trawlermen”

Model, Presenter & Columnist: Krystal Niles

Actor & Author: John Challis




  1. Everyone who supports this campaign must pester 38 Degrees to run a campaign on your behalf – they can get 100’s of thousands of signatures easily – I have been asking them but we need everyone to do so – use this link

  2. Hello Mary. Thank you for your post. I’m sorry to say that despite several attempts by us, 38 Degrees are not interested in our campaign. This one is very much by the people – for the people but thank you again for your input. it is appreciated.

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